The International Student Conference entitled “YOUNG PEOPLE AND AGRICULTURE RESEARCH” is held every year, on the last week of November in Timisoara, Romania. The Conference is organised by the Faculty of Agriculture Timisoara in collaboration with Novi Sad University, and Station of research- agriculture development Lovrin. The Conference is dedicated to undergraduates, MA &MSc students, Ph.D. students and young researchers.

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Scientific papers shall circumscribe the following fields: agriculture, plant protection, applied biology, environmental protection, soil science and plant nutrition, geomatics, machinery and equipment for agriculture and food industry, social sciences and other areas of agriculture.

We also have a session dedicated to high-school students!!!

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The best scientific papers presented during the conference will be awarded a prize!

All papers will be written in English. Each participant can be first author of at maximum 2 papers (no more 10 pages/paper). Please, register on-line your paper at  Register/Submit new paper.

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The accepted papers will be published as full text in the RESEARCH JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE, ISSN: 2066-1843. The Journal is indexed, with abstracts or full texts reproduced in the following databases and libraries: CABI, EBSCO, Index Copernicus International.

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Prof. PhD Florin IMBREA

  • Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, USAMVB Timisoara

Lecturer PhD Laura ȘMULEAC

  • Vice Dean Faculty of Agriculture, USAMVB Timisoara

Associate Prof. PhD Florin CRISTA

  • Vice Dean Faculty of Agriculture, USAMVB Timisoara

Associate Prof. PhD Ionuț BĂNĂȚEAN

  • Vice Dean Faculty of Agriculture, USAMVB Timisoara

Prof. PhD Cosmin POPESCU - USAMVB Timisoara

Prof. PhD Isidora RADULOV - USAMVB Timisoara


Assoc PhD Marinel HORABLAGA – SCDA Lovrin

Prof. PhD Georgeta POP - USAMVB Timisoara

Lecturer PhD Adina HORABLAGA - USAMVB Timisoara

Prof. PhD Gicu Gabriel ARSENE - USAMVB Timisoara

Prof. PhD Lucian NIȚĂ – USAMVB Timisoara

Associate Prof. PhD Cristina TULBURE - USAMVB Timisoara

Lecturer PhD Alina LAȚO - USAMVB Timisoara

Associate Prof. PhD Veronica SĂRĂȚEANU - USAMVB Timisoara

Assistant PhD Cristi BOSTAN - USAMVB Timisoara

Lecturer PhD Casiana MIHUȚ - USAMVB Timisoara

Lecturer PhD Olga Rada - USAMVB Timisoara

Asisstant PhD Iasmina SĂVESCU - USAMVB Timisoara

PhD George POPESCU - USAMVB Timisoara

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