Laura Constantinescu, Adia Grozav, Iacob Nemeş None
The concept of sustainable rural development refers to forms and methods of socio-economic development of which base it is to ensure a balance between socio-economic systems and environmental. One element of Maşloc village development, in addition to programs contained in the Development Strategy of Timiş County (DJ691 county road rehabilitation, water supply, founding a center for children with special educational needs, rehabilitation of school with grades 1-8), was the execution of one construction of MOBILROM in village. The paper presents data geotechnical study, which is the necessary base to design any building, being part of the technical documentation necessary to authorizing execution of construction works under the Law no. 50/29.07.1991, on the approval of execution of construction works.  Geotechnical investigation purpose is to providing information necessary of a relevant and economic design of construction works, adding these elements: the sequence of geological layers that form the foundation soil and their physical and mechanical parameters in the content of the active area of foundations; alert to special conditions of the site or difficult foundation soil; the hydrogeology conditions, establishing parameters of seismicity and the depth of freezing of the area investigated, determining geotechnical category of work, recommendations on the design and execution of the building, conditioned by the characteristics of foundation soil. Steps taken in carrying out geotechnical study are: documentation, recognition site and determining the need for prospecting work; prospecting land by surveys/geotechnical drilling, sampling of disturbed and undisturbed soil, water sampling, dynamic penetration survey execution; analysis of soil samples taken in the field within the analysis soil and geotechnical laboratories to determine the physical and mechanical parameters; geotechnical development (documentation, field and laboratory data processing, conclusions) and verify the strength and stability of foundation soils and the occurrence of land.In the laboratory were made the following determinations: - granulometric composition; - density; - volumetric weight; - humidity; - limits of plasticity; - edometrica compressibility method; - consolidation of land; - resistance to direct shear; - characteristics of compaction - an attempt Proctor. Physical properties of soils are determined according to the methodology of soil studies development and mechanical properties according to norm NP 074/2007.
rural development; geotechnical development; physical analysis; mechanical analysis
Presentation: oral