Jozsef Gal, Ildiko Horvath Galne None
Since collectivization of the agriculture in the past few decades, scientific literature defines the population living outside of towns or villages agriculture peasantry. It is false, because it was not an occupational construction any more; all of them all changed a lot in the look of commerce. The peasantry got its share of a determining role in the Hungarian society's establishment in the course of the centuries; let it be an economy, sociology, a tradition, e.g. The last changes of twenty years did not let the farms untouched. New inhabitants arrived and others left this form of living, therefore nowadays it shows a quite heterogeneous picture to us considering their occupation, their conduct, their social role, appeared on the farms. By today everything has changed a lot from the aspects of both employment structure and farming activity. From the beginning of the 60s, for their children the school became the most important channel of social mobility. Its role was increased by two factors, on one side mechanical and technological development together with industrialization, on the other side termination of private estate property which cancelled the question of inheritance. The young generation finishing schools meant the labour supply. They generally finished trade or technical schools. These young people did not move back to their parents’ home, to the farm. They stayed in the town, started a family there and though they helped parents with the seasonal work, their children have become alienated from both this way of life and this view of life. The peasantry had a considerable role in formation of the Hungarian society throughout the centuries in the fields of economy, sociology, traditions etc. Changes in the last twenty years could not leave the farms untouched. There are new inhabitants on farms who can give a fairly heterogeneous picture regarding their trades, way of living or social role.
infrastructural conditions; population on farms; public security; resort farm; farm for agricultural production; dwelling farm
Presentation: oral