Octavian Herbei, Cosmin Popescu, Mihai Valentin Herbei None
The areas affected by the mining exploitations are mono-industrial and the appearance of potential directions for developing them are very linked to the results of the influence of these mining exploitations over the environment. The effects of the underground mining exploitations are the displacement and deformation of the terrain around the exploitation. To study the influence of this underground exploitation over the area is necessary for putting into evidence the phenomenon of displacement and taking the measures for protecting the objectives executed on the surface and the surface itself. So, the development of the infrastructure, the tourism, services, the implementation of different projects in order to have a sustainable development of Petrosani town must be made by analyzing very carefully the phenomenon of displacement and deformation of the terrestrial area under the influence of the underground exploitation. The Jiu Valley area that is intensely and forced industrialized, recorded during the last 40 years an excessively a port of population with different behaviors and customs is reflected into the social and economical situation of the county. This area contains 3 big towns: Petrosani, Vulcan and Lupeni, 3 small towns (Petrila, Aninoasa and Uricani) and only one big village, Banita, which contains three small villages. Into the context of a sustainable development of Jiu Valley in general and of Petrosani in particular we must take into account of many factors. One of the most important factors that influence the process of development is constituted in the subsidence phenomenon in Maleia - Livezeni are, which has a very high tourist potential and also into the other areas of Jiu Valley mining basin. The protection of the industrial, social and natural objectives from the surface of mining perimeter is made by dimensioning the safety (protection) pillars. In many cases it is put the problem to valor the reserves of useful mineral substance set into these safety pillars so putting into exploitation and introducing them into the economical circuit. In this situation there are made different studies in order to know the displacements and deformations of the terrains under the influence of mining exploitation of a rock situated under certain geological and mining and exploitation conditions.
Sustainable development; Jiu Valley; deformation; underground mining exploitations
Presentation: oral