Dražen Jovanović, Marija Nikolić, R. Đaković None
In the era of system development and economic transition, in other words the modern age, entrepreneurial activities have more and more influence, both from the standpoint of increasing production, as well as from the standpoint of meeting the needs of consumer goods, development of services, etc. Strengthening of market relations, the development of new ways of economic thinking and reasoning, the development of initiative and entrepreneurship, regardless of ownership and economic activity, are the best indicator of changes in the economic structure of society in which we live and the best proof that we are in the process of transition within the framework of market economy that requires greater effort and work, but with the greater benefit. In point of fact, the strategic commitment of enterprises predominantly affects the quality of an enterprise in relation to its competitors. Managers of companies should be aware of all developments, both in their environment and in the company.
entrepreneurship; leader; leadership; strаtegics; mаnаger; management
Presentation: oral