Eva Koncsag, Alexandra Popa None
This paper presents aspects of the present situation existing at the European level concerning regional sustainable development, primarily aimed at monitoring and evaluation of integrative regional sustainable development. The concept of sustainable development has begun to take shape in recent years, as a potential solution to problems facing humanity. The continuous growing living level and human life quality can be realized only using industrial and technological methods. These methods involve the growth of energy consumption and uncontrolled pollution of the environment. These effects are unwanted and this is the reason for a lot of debates in the whole world in order to find the appropriate solutions. Currently there is a tendency of increasingly emphasized of institutionalizing the concept of sustainable development in European and global level. This involves mainly: setting goals to be achieved, specifying the time for analysis, establishing the measures and the period of their application, developing control and assessment tools (Sustainable Development Indicators - SDI), mathematical modeling in the analysis system, checking results and also their interpretation and analysis. For this purpose, there has to be defined the concept of sustainable development for each case particularly, it’s indicators and established a mathematical model to describe more precisely the interactions of the analyzed system. These shortcomings are primarily due to hard quantifiable measurements. In terms of practical applicability, there must be formulated rules and strategies of sustainable development and highlighting the values of certain parameters that process characteristics in a given time. Thus, sustainable development is a complex process, which can be applied successfully to regional and then national level, by quantifying the data obtained. The importance of sustainable development refers to increasing the quality of human life, by finding possible solutions for increasing living standards and environment protection.
sustainable development; institutionalizing the concept of sustainable development; sustainable development legislation; sustainable development indicators SDI
Presentation: oral