Ramona Lile, Luiela Magdalena Csorba None
The sustainable development concept was analyzed along a few decades, within a huge number of scientific debates, deepened at international level. That way, this concept received politic valences too, in the globalization context. Sustainable development has as background the finding that, the human civilization is a component of the ecosphere, dependent on the raw material and energy flows existent within it, on its stability and self-regulation capacity. The public policies elaborated on this basis aims to reset and maintain an rational long run equilibrium, between economic development and the integrity of the environment. Sustainable transportation concerns systems, policies, and technologies. It aims for the efficient transit of goods and services, and for the sustainable freight and delivery systems. Sustainable transport (or green transport) is a concept , an ideology and - in some countries - a governmental policy , that consists of strengthening or replacing the current transport systems of an urban / suburban area with more fuel-efficient , space-saving and healthy lifestyle-promoting alternatives. The term refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment, and includes human or animal muscle-powered vehicles, low-carbon fueled vehicles, any kind of vehicle using a renewable source of energy for its propulsion. Sustainable transport systems make a positive contribution to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the communities they serve. Transport systems exist to provide social and economic connections, and people quickly take up the opportunities offered by increased mobility. The advantages of increased mobility need to be weighed against the environmental, social and economic costs that transport systems pose. The EU strategy for sustainable development - which represents the basis for the National Sustainable Strategy in Romania - complete the Lisbon Strategy which is a catalyst for the ones who use to plan public policies for the public opinion, with the aim to change the behavior in the European society and in the Romanian one, and to generate an active involvement of the decision making parameters in elaborating, implementing and monitoring of the sustainable development objectives. The programs, documents and strategies elaborated in transportation, for the pre- and post adhesion period of Romania - in sustainable development field - contains relevant forecasts and target objectives too. Relevant for this analyze are the strategies and policies which concerns with a short - term period.  The most appropriate term to fulfill the European Unions requirements is the 2013 Horizon. The national objective of this is to promote a proper transportation system for Romania, able to facilitate a secure, rapid and efficient movement of peoples and goods, at national an international level, consonant with the European standards.
sustainable transport; environment; pollution
Presentation: oral