Ioan Mintas, Olimpia Mintas None
In accordance with the responsibilities assumed by Romania for transmission to future generations a clean and healthy environment, with respect to the three dimensions of sustainable development-economic, environmental and social, this paper addresses implications of using renewable energy (wind) on environmental quality. A "clean Nation" is the result of a complex of activities and actions related judiciously to improve environmental conditions and population health and involves the development of appropriate community mentality, realistically assess environmental issues, establish priorities and develop appropriate strategies to solve them and not least, changing attitudes and behavior towards the environment and civic responsibility. Without environmental protection, can not ensure sustainability. Sustainable development integrates environmental protection and environmental sustainability condition. Using renewable energy is a compulsory need time to achieve sustainable development of the country. The work was done using GIS map of areas that will place wind farm, using meteorological observations made over three years, with maps containing specific areas within the country with biodiversity, with findings of doctoral theses completed in the Oradea and in Debrecen University and using technical literature. In this mode achieve a wind farm located in a mountainous area on the environmental factors. They also studied the positive effects of investment and stfel have highlighted the beneficial effects on biodiversity by increasing humidity results due to the decrease of wind speed due to its passage through the plant palettes. Although wind power worldwide is at an advanced stage of technological maturity, we can state that in Romania the share of energy from renewable wind energy balance, short term, are below the real possibilities of economic recovery, due to high prices and difficulties administrative. These reasons have prevented so far come true regenerable energey competitive with fossil rule. Using of renewable energy will certainly lead to the need for similar studies to that presented.
wind; energy; sustenaible
Presentation: oral