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Development strategy of any nation is a coherent vision of the future, certainly in terms of Strategic generous and realistic concept of sustainable development. Responding to the European objectives in the context of globalization processes, Romania needs to realize obligations as an EU member country and entered the details of modern development. National Security of the Development Company is a dynamic, multidimensional, and at this time outweigh those characteristics. Energy mean for mankind which means blood for the body. There is realized map of the country's wind potential, but he did not realize the correlation between biodiversity and the use of wind power in areas that pose potential In the current global classical depletion of energy resources increasingly pressing problem arises identify new energy resources to provide independent of Romania in this regard. Researchers Romanians work in identifying each geographic area in any case to identify the source of energy that will be optimal to exploit both the technical and economic. In while working to develop technologies for their that converts renewable energy into electricity that you not be totally importers of such technologies. At the same time working on an inventory of traditional energy sources and to provision their life time. Natural resources are an essential part of national heritage and classified under inexhaustible natural resources - solar energy, wind, geothermal and wave category of renewable exhaustible natural resources - minerals and fossil fuels and renewable - water, air, soil, flora, wildlife. Like any other nation truly strategic resources are gas, oil, water, wind potential, etc. This work aims to investigated which is the balance of these resources (as we are / how we need), to highlight the "vulnerability" of these resources, then submit their proposals for balancing (elimination of "vulnerability"). All efforts are made to identify the meaning of renewable energy as any study involving telling time in this area involves measurements that are stretched over 3-5 years.  Practical implications of research. Achieving accurate as the energy balance of the country and identify low-cost renewable resources will provide independent Romania in energetic terms.In this  fact constitute an essential component of national security, in fact one of Chapters National Security Plan.
resources; energy; national security
Presentation: oral