Iacob Nemeş, Laura Constantinescu, Luminiţa Livia Bârliba None
This paper presents the technical solutions takes to the degraded area’s improvements from the Timiş County perimeter. These areas were formed into ameliorative perimeter in the agrarian found. The actual state of the agrarian lands is determinate by the vulnerability of their site, but also, by the management way, because of it isn’t assure the improvement solutions that are necessary and isn’t used the correctly agricultural systems or the culture technology that are properly. The negative influences that are caused by these facts, according with the risk natural factors, amplificatory negative processes generated. The degradation of the lands that are located into the low plain from Timiş County is determinate by the humidity excess. The multitude of the drainage systems solved this problem, but not completely. The flooding from 2005 affects a surface of hundreds or thousands kilometer. The agrarian lands lost their productive capacity because of their degraded or pollutions. All these areas were formed into the territorial agrarian fond ameliorative perimeter, where the land reclamation works is necessary. Another cause of the degradation processes is the grass land thickness that is lower, so the water stagnate tendency is higher. From these aspects, a soil levitation occurs and their humus contents decrease, also the degradation process increase. The period in which the constructive solutions proposed by the project constructor have been executed was not the proper formalities of lack of money and an auction formalities, coming as they are executed in the rainy season, late autumn, the work of sowing is generally compromised. In the ranges considered for the study, constructive solutions proposed by the designer were not always fully implemented, by waiver notes were executed some works to the detriment of others, as needs. The complexity and diversity of works carried out in these areas of improvement should help to increase production capacity of soils in the perimeter, but due to faulty operation of the works they do not achieve purpose (grazing immediately after rising).
perimeter improvement; surface drainage; drainage; land degradation; clogging
Presentation: oral