Alexandra Popa, Eva Koncsag None
The continuous increasing quality of life of people held the numerous technological applications. But it emphasized the use of technological applications led implicitly to increase energy consumption and thus to uncontrolled environmental pollution, the adverse effects and unpredictable at the beginning. All these effects should be emphasized by using certain indicators, called sustainable development indicators, SDI. New and modern systems of monitoring and integrated assessment of regional sustainable development have a great strategic importance to Europe and the world, about the preservation and improvement of environment, and regional and global sustainable development. A basic component of such monitoring systems and evaluation of regional sustainable development is represented by sustainable development indicators, which contribute to understanding and modeling complex real systems. This work is to present concerns sustained in recent years in developing and using the corresponding sustainable development indicators SDI, in order to allow emphasize, quantifying and assessing the quality of sustainable development. Sustainable development indicators SDI deliver important information on the degree of achievement of objectives of sustainable development and the success of the strategies and measures introduced to achieve a sustainable development. Sustainable development indicators cover three basis areas, so they include indicators for the three main parts: indicators for the field „Environment/Ecology”, indicators for the field „Economic/Technical” and indicators for the field „society”. The idea of sustainable development has emerged as a possible solution to the complicated situation created by humanity, first desire for increasing living standards, on the other hand the destruction of the environment. This concept took shape as a possibility to resolve these problems, starting to be circulated to national environmental policies, especially after 1992. To address these systemic issues is passed first at the current situation analysis of national and European existing level on the monitoring and evaluation of regional sustainable development. This analysis shall be performed successfully using sustainable development indicators system, which began to be used internationally. These indicators began to be used successfully, although a number of issues arise concerning the collection of necessary data. There are special difficulties for the social field, whether in the field of technical-economic and environmental hardships arise because of the large number of data to be collected.
European and national sustainable development; sustainable development indicators SDI; technical-economical indicators; environmental indicators; social indicators;
Presentation: oral