Marius Popescu, Aurora Ranca, Zoia Prefac, George Marius Cracu None
In Constanta county there are many touristic attractions such as cultural, historical, religious, seaside resorts, nature preserves which can be added traditional occupations such as viticulture. The purpose of this paper is to identify touristic routes which are capitalized as sightseeing in the rural space and wine products. In combination of these attractions may result „the wine routes”, such as: Murfatlar – Cobadin – Adamclisi – Ion Corvin – Băneasa – Ostrov, Cernavodă – Cochirleni – Ion Corvin – Oltina and Constanţa – Murfatlar – Cernavodă. Information on agro-touristic potential by wine profile of Dobroudja have been obtained and by applying a questionnaire, in several villages in the Constanta county, as Adamclisi, Castelu, Chirnogeni, Cochirleni, Cogealac, Ion Corvin, Oltina, Ostrov, Topraisar or Valea Dacilor. The main elements of the questionnaire relate to: - the presentation of the locality, focusing on identifying existing a touristic potential natural or cultural; - existing infrastructure for tourism; - facilities for patent approval and licensing specialists in enotourism and equipment enotouristic; - recreational, sports or cultural tourism activities;  - opportunities of organization and practice of enotourism.  Following tabulation of the questionnaire is found in most conditions that are currently not licensing and patent enotouristic, but there is availability.  Although apparently, the landscape of Dobroudja, appears monotonous, in Dobroudja are many natural resources and anthropogenic attractions that can be utilized for tourism. The residents, small businesses and representatives of city halls in the villages where the questionnaire was applied are interested in the organization of enotouristic points and the creation of associations to promote Romanian wine products in a "wine route" for tourists who came on the Romanian seaside. Location enotouristic points for wine tasting and demonstrations of traditional techniques for harvesting of grapes and wine production process, local cuisine along with other touristic attractions are resources that can contribute to develop of durable tourism in rural space and an alternative to season tourism of Constanta county.
vineyards cultures; water requirement; semi-arid areas
Presentation: oral