Mihaela Lungu, Sorin Liviu Ştefănescu, Lucian Stoian, Marcela Fălticeanu, Monica Dumitraşcu, Petru Negulescu None
As an answer for a cretain consumers category and in the frame of European concern for environment protection and healthier food, the  Research-Development Station for Vegetable Growing, Bacău has been carying on researches for obtaining ecological vegetables for several decades. Researches of ecological agriculture are few, because, by definition an by legislation, ecological poducts have intrinsic value, exclusively detemined by the growing technologies. The Station has ecologically certified land ever since 1992. From the agrochemical point of view, the soil ment for ecological crops is normally developed, slightly acid, with a medium supply of the main nutritional elements, characteistic for the first terrace of the Siret river, suitable for vegetable gowing. The climate is moderately continental, with a multi-annual average temperature of 8,9ºC, characteristic for the second suitability zone for vegetable gowing, and the rainfall multi-annual average is 520 mm/m 2 , the rainiest month is in summer – July, with a multi-annual average of 80 mm/m 2 . Manny vegetable species are grown of wich only a few: green peppers, capsicum, tomatoes, and egg-plants are presented in this paper. Growing technologies are complex and include farm compost, green manure, and homologated and ecologically cetified products.The novelty of the researches carried on at SCDL Bacău consists of a complex approach having in view, at the same time, the preservation and improvement of the fertility soil properties, the plants nutritional status, the products mineral contents and their biochemical properties as compared to the same characteristics of conventionally grown vegetables. Increasing the yields, which are lower than those of the conventional vegetable growing, is also a goal, as well as improving the vegetables appearance, which is less pleasant than that of the conventional products. These last two aspects are limited by renouncing at the chemical fertilizers and pest control products.The final purpose of these researches, besides satisfying a certain consumers category, is to create and maintain specialized markets and ensure an adequate profit for the farmers.The present paper presents results of these researches obtained in 2006 and 2007. The soil fertility status is maintained at an adequate level over the yeas, the nutritional status of the crops is comparable with that of the conventional crops, and the nutritional value of the products, expressed by the mineral contents and biochemical properties, is no different of those of the conventional products.
ecological vegetables; soil fertility; nutritional status
Presentation: oral