Alina Niţu, Ionel Jinga, Daniel S. Niţu, Andrei Vrînceanu None
By the performed researches, the calculation of moisture deficit and irrigation water supply was performed, based on both climatic scenarios and determination of water consumption in irrigated crops, due to predicted climatic changes, in Romania. Theoretical and practical  researches in Romania regarding the plant water consumption were performed at NARDI Fundulea.To achieve the proposed objectives, the paper presents a schedule for a mathematical modulation, with 12 variants „4 x 3”, in five reps, where reps represented the values obtained under five pedoclimatic areas in Romania. Factor A – tested crop , with the following graduations: A1- sunflower, A2- maize, A3- sugar beet, A4- soybean; Factor B – climatic scenario, with the following graduations: B1-Tn  – current average temperatures, B2-Tn+2oC – increasing, with 2 o C, of the current average temperatures,B3-Tn+5oC – increasing, with 5 o C, of the current average temperatures. The necessity of irrigation in a certain area was established depending on moisture deficit estimated as difference between water consumption and supply sources for soil and plant.The ETRO value was highly precisely estimated, using Thornthwaite method, and to register all the modifications of irrigation regime elements, the water soil balances for all crops under study were achieved.The paper, try to underline the negative impact of global warming, by using methods of water consumption indirect determination. Following the researches on world plane, measures to use modern irrigation techniques, limited water supplies, crop breeding for drought resistance as well as new species were taken.To achieve the researches, indirect methods to determine the water consumption were used.The proposals are very important for irrigated farming, because it is important to produce a lots and cheap, for food security.The paper presents high level of originality, no similar papers were performed till present, in Romania.The paper highlights the possible increases, in the future, of the water consumption, in main crops, under the context of water and energy limited resources.
limited water supplying; watering rate; irrigation norm; water consumption
Presentation: oral