Marin Soare, Rodica Soare, Paula Iancu, Elena Bonciu None
In our country, the cultivated surfaces with seed bean decreases in the last decade because of the change of the field possession and because of the lack of some sales markets of the yield. In the present, the interest for this plant began to rise, so t is necessary to create new seed bean varieties which correspond to the requests of the modern world. In the case of the field bean it is required that the new create varieties to be characterized through a good yield capacity, resistance to pests and diseases, resistance to some unfavourable ecological factors action and superior quality. For that, it is necessary that the sources of genes having in possession to be as richer and diverse and the local populations represent an important category of genetic resources.To Banu Maracine R.S. of University from Craiova it was organized in 2005-2008 period an experience which had as the aim to study the variability of some bean populations from Oltenia area along with homologate varieties and the possibility of using these populations with the view to choose valuable genotypes for breeding.On the basis of the obtained results in the case of the study of the variability of the quantitative characters by using limit differences it were retained for multiple comparisons ten genotypes which emphasized as concern some studied characters and became from five different areas from Oltenia. Biological material was represented by Star variety and the populations of: Bralostita-Dolj, Targu-Jiu-Gorj, Poiana Mare-Dolj, Boureni-Dolj, Ianca-Olt, Osica-Olt, Ostroveni-Dolj, Leu-Dolj, and Pielesti-Dolj. These genotypes presented specific morphological characters and some valuable issues which were analysed by multiple comparison method (Duncan Test). These comparisons were made for the next groups of characters: stem heights, number of ramifications on the stem, the insertion height of the first pod, average number of seed in a pod, total number of seed per plant and one thousand seed mass. It was established that the local seed bean populations from Oltenia area represents a valuable material, with high genetic variability which allow their use as gene sources for breeding process.
bean; varieties; local populations; breeding programme
Presentation: oral