Rodica Soare, Marin Soare, Ovidiu Păniţă, Elena Roşculete None
The market place of the organic agriculture is increasing in the most EU countries. This fact is motivated by the consumer’s request for the food product obtained by using unpolluted, clean technologies, without toxic substances. For the increasing of the organic agriculture it is necessary the elaboration and the knowledge of alternative technologies. The aim of the research was to identify new possibilities to minimize the pollution level of the environment and to increase the viability of the vegetable sector on long term, which can be done by the conversion process to the organic vegetable yield. In order to obtain organic products, inside off the organic vegetable farms, it is needed to produce organic certified transplants. In this way, it was organized an experience concerning the improvement of the organic tomatoes transplants product technologies by using treatments with bioactive products. The bibliography shows numerous date regarding the using of plants extracts, marine algae etc., with an essential role in increasing and development of the crops. In this way, for the tomatoes obtaining process, for the organic crops from green houses or filed, there were used many methods for the stimulation of the biologic potential by applying treatments with certified organic products. The biological material used was represented by the autumn tomatoes transplants, the Cristal hybrid, produced in greenhouse and as biostimulator products there were applied the next organic certified assortment: Cropmax, Algimax and Hyppophae rhamnoide extract. The experimental model had the next six variants: V1 – untreated transplant; V2 – transplant treated with Hyppophae rhamnoides extract; V3 – transplant treated with Cropmax; V4 – transplant treated Algimax; V5 – transplant treated with a mixture of Cropmax and Hyppophae rhamnoides extract; V6 – transplant treated with Algimax and Hyppophae rhamnoides extract. By applying those products, there were obtained transplants with superior physical and chemical features compare with the untreated control. (In this way, it is increased the plant vigurosity by the enlargement of the stem with a maximum of 27,3%, the number of leaf/plant is higher with a maximum of 17,5%, and the formation of the fruits elements is earlier, the ratio of  inflorescences/plant being of 30,4%-79,3%, superior compare with the control). Also, it was obtained transplants in a shorter period of time, respectively in 45 days compare with 50-55 days, reducing the number of day necessary to heat up the greenhouse, so a lower energy consumption. As originality elements, it can be considered aspects regarding the applying treatments with organic products, especially by association between Cropmax or Algimax and Hyppophae rhamnoides extract.All those determination are important and necessary, concerning the practical aspects, in order to ensure the transition of as much possible high number of farms from the conventional agriculture to the alternative and then to the durable one. Also, there will be a positive impact on the knowledge in this agriculture area, contributing on the enrichment of bibliography.
ecologically; quality; bioactive products
Presentation: oral