Aurica Soare, Gheorghe Voicu None
Such research has been conducted in order to establish the main measures to improve the quality and quantity of forage base areas operated by grazing the Plain Brăilei in conjunction with climatic features of the area. Methods for improving technology are based on establishing specific culture in the Baraganu North  area Plain and the efficiency of these areas by placing them in intensive exploitation circuit, with herds of cattle, sheep and goats owned by family farms. Case study was performed on the natural meadow of the Territorial Administrative Rosiori Unit,of 63 hectares that was the research module, afterwards  will be reported the outcome research in the entire area of grassland in the county. With Braila county area of grassland / cattle ran diseases as the basis for livestock forage for cattle and sheep / goat heads in the number of 63,115 sheep and 26,451 head respectively 255,109 head of goats is 28,905 ha. Such animal cargo area is about 0.5 ha per head in non-irrigated conditions with an output of 836,549 tons / year green mass. It is noted insufficient amount of green mass obtained from such areas leading to radical action agro-based zonal development strategy and an appropriate technical level. This work underpins the development of a county strategy, adapted to the particularities of local soil and climate, specified to all territorial administrative units in hand, placed in the specific Baraganu North Plain area. In the present study stood the developing a feasibility study which included the following: a pedological study, a thorough search of floristic composition of the area, technology recommendations and the drawing up of a technological form. A review of natural grasslands in general and in particular the Territorial Administrative Unit Roşiori carried out: a geotechnical study, physical study and geographical conditions of the area and study Floristics. The results obtained from the study were specific agro-technology development specific habitat looked suitable conditions, by making the statement and estimate of technological tasks, but also a cost-benefit analysis. Sustainable development of rural areas as a response of contemporary society demanded for support of ecosystems services is given largely as biodiversity conservation and intensive management of pastures. In this context, this paper addresses the study of natural grasslands ecosystems Plain Braila, in this new perspective.
floristic composition; grazing; forage base
Presentation: oral