Costel Bârliba, Luminiţa Cojocariu None
The background for using the multifunctional system of pastures consist in the integrate management of the vegetal carpet that by pasture usage value, take a new size, connected to the sustainable development. Also, the pastoral multifunctional using degree could lead to a standard degree concerning the Romanian agricultural integration into the European structures. The main objective of this study is made by the Nadrag pastures. The study draws up the complex arrangement of pastures, in order to obtain a proper and efficient benefit ant to also to ensure an ecological balance. The Nadrag village is situated on the South-West part of Romania, in the North-East of the Timis County, at Pades peak ground from the Poiana Rusca Mountains. Due to the mountain location of the area, the village main geomorphology is dominated by hills, having slow slopes just in several cases. The area is also having multiple meadow pastures, up to the mountains altitude, between 168 m (Crivina village) to 1380 (Pades village). The actual stage of research into the area consist in identification ad monitoring on the plans the position of the virtual village pastures on a total surface of 307,8 ha. From which 72.96 into the meadow area. The news of the methods and approaches is relevant by the GIS and Teledetection of the satellites data in order to create a new methodology of pasture inventory. The degree of current novelty is represented by a subsystem dedicated to the way of using the satellites images for identifying, monitoring the evolution and changes along the land fund in order to use the information to determine and update a list of parameters which contribute to the planning and forecast of pastures activities into this zone. The databases sources consist in satellites images (Landsat 7 TM, SPOT, IKONOS); topographic maps 1:25000; cadastral plans 1 : 5 000 ; 1 : 10 000; thematic maps (geological maps, pedological maps etc.) and least but not last field data acquisition. The specific of the paper, shows up a GIS data base in a compatible format with the international profile organizations and other Romanian organizations from the same branch, building the background for using the data base created for a lot of further activities such as forestry fund inventory, soil degradation monitoring etc. The paper importance consist in realizing detailed maps (1:25 000, 1:10 000) that covers the local area and the Banat area in order to execute also other applications.
satellite images; GIS; database; remote sensing
Presentation: oral