Mariana Dumitru, Ioan Gherman None
The paper aims to make researches on the possibilities and advantages of producing bio-fuels , especially bio-ethanol and bio-gas obtained  from sugar beet. One of the motives for this research is that a direction of European Union establishes that in 2020, 20 % of the energy consumption of Romania must be provided by rechargeable energy. In what concerns the researches stage, using of bio-fuels is a possibility more and more explored, both on international plan and in Romania, thus in 2007 in European Union existed 41 factories for producing bio-ethanol. Sugar beet wastes are estimated as 1.22 times sugar production, since the total dry matter of processing wastes and field wastes exceed the weight of sugar in the ratio of 55:45. Some or all of this may be used for fodder. With sugar beet yielding approximately 240 GJ/ha/y, 45% of it convertible to alcohol, 108 GJ/ha/y will be obtainable in the form of liquid fuel. The novelty of the present paper approach is the fact that sugar beet is less used for producing bio-fuel, although its energetic efficiency is bigger than that of some of  much studied bio-fuels, such as bio-diesel. Other advantages presented by sugar beet as bio-fuel is the fact that the technology can be completely mechanized, the possibility of preserving it for long periods of time as syrup and  a very good efficiency. In the paper there are presented researches over the comparative quantities of bio-ethanol and bio-gas obtained from wheat, potatoes and other materials compared to sugar beet.  On the other hand, are presented the compared quantities of bio-gas obtained from different materials, from which resulted that sugar beet leafs have the best quantity of methane from bio-gas. We also proposed some business opportunities concerning the bio-ethanol and bio-gas obtained from sugar beet.  The material used for researches is sugar beet, processed after a certain technology. The paper presents a big degree of practical applying and contains original researches.
sugar beet; bio-fuel; bio-gas
Presentation: oral