Mariana Dumitru None
The present problems which mankind confronted with in the last 2 decades, related to the environmental protection and the instability of the petrol fuel prices led to the discovery of fuels based on vegetal oils (bio-fuels, )which can be the quick answers in solving these problems. The later developments of theoretical and practical studies on the bio-fuels showed that, beside the good results already obtained, there are also negative effects (such as, the emission of emissions of nitrogen oxides ), which demand the necessity of the deeper  experimental studies in this domain. In order to replicate all the functional conditions of motors refueled with bio-fuels, the experiments are realized on the trial stand, based on a thorough process and a well defined methodology  by the present norms .The purpose of the paper is to explore the possibilities of using alternative fuels, such as  bio-fuels, to auto-vehicles motors. The material used for experiments are different tractor motors.  The trial stands of motors refueled with bio-fuels have the advantage of allowing the locating of a big number of sensors, which get the necessary information, analised with the help of a calculus system. There are a big number of studies and researches related by the compatibility of motors with compression  ignition  with bio-fuels made by some motors constructors firms (Cummings), firms which make agricultural tractors (John Deer, Ford, Mitsubishi), firms which make auto-vehicles (Mercedes Benz, Ford, Dodge),firms making exchanging pieces and accessories (Fosseen Manufacturing and  Development Co,     Parker,   Wilden Chemical,  3M,)  as well as by universities and governamental agencies from the entire world. The originality of the researches consist in presenting the minimum of technical changes which must be realized over the following component parts and installations of motor: waterproofing elements, low-pressure conducts system of the fuel installation, elements of the injection pump, injectors and the fuel installation. The practical applications of the researches made in this paper can be immediate, both to the automobiles and tractors motors.
alternative fuel; biodiesel; supplying system
Presentation: oral