Florin Mariaşiu, Nicolae Burnete None
Even though currently the future use of biofuels in road transport (in terms of fossil fuel crisis) is much debated by specialists, biofuels can be successfully used on the farm by the ease with which they may be obtained and especially due to the effect polluter much lower than the fossil fuels. Reducing pollution from agriculture technological operations is a necessary condition to develop in the future agricultural development on a sustainable basis. To truly become a competitive fuel market, compared with fossil fuels, biofuels must optimize parameters related to characteristics of density, viscosity, freezing point and especially the specific calorific value. Global research about the efficient use of biofuels have emphasized only the immediate results of their use in supplying engines that equip tractors and agricultural machinery, related to consumption, pollution and wear of engines component parts. Theme and direction of research addressed in the paper represents an innovation in the field of national and global research on biofuels. Also, the degree of novelty of the work is defined by the methods and materials used in the research, managing to highlight first, the importance of parameters like speed of sound in biofuels (with subsequent implications in the possible development of "flex-fuel" systems) and isotropic adiabatic coefficient (with direct implications in determining the exact time of injection process). This paper presents findings related to the influence of external energy intake in the form of ultrasound, electromagnetic field and ionization on the physical parameters of biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol), the main parameters considered are (speed of sound, density, isotropic adiabatic coefficient, pH index). Practical implications of the work are found in the immediate applicability in the possibility of increasing the performance of agricultural tractors powered by biofuels and also open new directions in applied research on ways of streamlining the use of biofuels. Results and conclusions issued in the work are possible due to the unfolding of the first phase of research project PNII2008ID175, financed by CNCSIS.
biofuels; physical parameters; external energy; conditioning; IC engine
Presentation: oral