Florin Mariaşiu, Bogdan Varga None
Even if you currently use biodiesel to power motor vehicles is considered an unsustainable future direction, the difficulties in implementing the proposed concepts currently on the future development of internal combustion engines (hydrogen, fuel cells and hybrid systems) to tractors because of the specific major construction, design and their specific activity. Since biodiesel can be used without major modifications engine that equips tractors and especially the possibility of being produced by small scale farmers, we believe the future use of such fuels in agriculture is a key factor in obtaining profit farm agricultural production. Research carried out so far has highlighted differences in the characteristics and physical parameters of biodiesel and fossil fuels (diesel oil). Thus, particularly high values of the freezing (-12 o C biodiesel and -20 ° C diesel fuel) leads to worsening environmental process starting at low engine temperatures. Increasing duration of cold start process of compression ignition engines results in amplification of wear, phenomenon with consequences on the future sustainability of the engine that equips especially agricultural tractors and autonomous agricultural machinery. Current state of research on national and international level is reflected by the existence of devices to improve the process by starting the cold start initially with diesel and then, after reaching the temperature regime of engine power, change on biodiesel or the existence of systems and devices that ease the cold start process based on heat transfer to biofuels made from an electrical resistance placed in the fuel tank and / or fuel pipes in the engine. Worldwide innovation proposed in the paper (and under patent pending) is solving the problems start cold of the compression ignition engines fueled with biodiesel using a ultrasonic emission system, ultrasound they succeed in time and reduced consumption 3 ... 5 times lower than the previously presented solutions into eliminate the effect of freezing and precipitation of paraffinic compounds of biodiesel component. This paper presents the working principle, technical data system and the experimental results obtained by using this innovative system in order to improve cold start process of compression ignition engines.
biofuels; cold start process; ultrasounds; IC engine
Presentation: oral