Cristian Vasile None
For optimal operation in a CNF must consider the automatic flow control technology, which includes among others and continuous monitoring of the loading conveyor train. This transport train is composed of several conveyor belts of horizontal carrier tape and vertical lift, which is to climb raw material in storage or waiting bunkers. The critical point of train transport underlies the elevator down, because there, in the event of failure, can collect large quantities of raw materials, which can block the normal operation of the conveyors and can even lead to breaking the transmission bands, which both lead to loss of time, but financial.  By integrating our country into European Union structures there were created from entering the premises of the Romanian products on the European and even worldwide market, fact which led to a need to increase competitiveness of producing compound feed factories, to gain and retain markets in this area. Thus, the central objective of any compound feed factory is to obtain some recipes as varied as possible, continuously improving the quality of final products made and services offered to customers in order to maintain an upward trend in the activity profile. This article studies the possibilities of implementation of some monitoring and control equipment automated of the activities of transport which is taking place in a CNF, through the design of some devices based on rotating magnetic sensors which are transmitting signals to stop the transporter train in the case of detecting a change in the normal rhythm of operation. Increased work performance in a CNF is determined by assuming responsibilities in terms of quality machinery used, their reliability and efficiency during the technological flow. Lately there is a increasing tendency to control very precisely to each activity and individual equipment so as to eliminate as much as possible any problem that may occur in plants producing various recipes for compound feed. The objective of this report is to study the possibilities of implementation of automated monitoring and control modules of the activities taking place in a CNF by building the carriers control devices based on magnetic rotation. To avoid problems of transportation of raw materials from silos FNC's considered to achieve electric schemes to control automated conveyer belts, and if operating loss realiezeze immediately to stop them from first conveyor located silo near where you take raw materials, intermediate carrier and then finally lift off vertically. The order to stop the train of carriers is determined provided that occur quantities of raw materials to gather in places merge conveyor thus does not block the normal functioning of these bands. Also, by applying these technologies and computerized automated control of the activities conducted during the technological flow to improve technical and economic parameters of the processes of storage, transportation of plant facilities silos, grinding grain and for various recipes mixed fodder, thereby aligning these sites FNC performance requirements and compliance of existing environmental protection in Europe and worldwide.
equipment; automation; sensors; compound feed; competitiveness
Presentation: oral