Cristina ZEPA CORADINI, Valeriu TABĂRĂ, Irina PETRESCU, Lavinia MICU, Roxana ZEPA BEJAN None
Marigold is one of the best known and versatile herbs in herbal medicine and is also a popular domestic remedy. The thrips can cause serious damages and they also represent the main vectors of viruses. That is why one of the objectives of this study is to analyze their response to Thrips tabaci attack. In purpose of identification attack frequency, attack intensity and attack degree it had been study 20 of local population of Calendula officinalis L. from diffrent localities of Caras-Severin district. In Romania relatively realised a few investigations concerning response of Calendula crops to Thrips tabaci attack. Being a success the ones mentioned, it was assessed to make some complex investigations for teoretical argumentation and methods advancement used in identification of common thrips attack degree, which constituted an actual matter for our country concerning the best moment of treatments applying in the crop flowers to obtain a high production and of superior quality, because that medical plant was one of those plants appreciated for its therapeutic qualities based on complex of active biologic substances . From among all local population, 20 (representing 100%) have been attacked. Even if 10 local population have provided statistical differences for the serious attack frequency and eight for intensity of the attack, only two of these have provided statistical differentiations for attack degree. The results demonstrate that thrips are pests that occur in the culture of Calendula officinalis with significant frequency, intensity and attack degree. The local population really influences the attack, some of them being registered with small attack signs, while others were obviously preferred by pests. The results obtained through the attack of frequency and intensity identification to local populations of Calendula officinalis had permitted the attack degree of tobacco trips in the marigolds’ crop from the western part of the country. The present paper belongs to a big work which had like study “Resistance testing of some species of Calendula officinalis L. to Thysanoptera pest attack through different methods/techniques of analysis concerning the improvement of raw material quality”, that represented the theme of postdoctoral- dissertation.
local population; marigold; common thrips; frequency, intensity and attack degree
Presentation: oral