Gh. DAVID, Ad. BORCEAN, Simona NITĂ None
Autu mn oat is a plant more and more cultivated in many regions of the world. The lands where more than 50% of the cultivation area is cultivated with autumn oat are England, Scotland, France, and in other lands, such as Germany, Sweden, or USA, the surface cultivated with autumn oat is of more than 30% of the total cultivated area. South America and Australia also report surfaces cultivated with autumn oat. The expansion of autumn varieties is justified, as they give us the following advantages: are more productive as the spring varieties, are precocious, tolerate the drought, are more resistant to diseases and pests and have god quality characteristics. The disadvantage of the autumn oat varieties is their lower resistance to low winter temperatures as compared to autumn wheat, rye, triticale and barley. The first researches on autumn oat done in Romania started in 1949 – 1950 at the research station in Cenad, but only in 1987 the autumn oat variety called Florina, created at SCA Lovrin, could be homologated and cultivated in the regions with gentle winters. In the Official Catalogue of Varieties is registered today the Lovrin 27 autumn oat variety. The yields obtained for Lovrin 27 during the experimental period were 12 % higher than the ones obtained for the variety Florina. This paper presents the crop results and the data regarding the evolution of the   weight characteristics (weight of 1000 grains and the hectolitre mass) and of the quality (the content of protein and fat and the observations regarding to the pests and diseases attacks on the autumn oat varieties (Lovrin 27, Lowi and Mirabel) as well as two spring oat varieties (Jeremy and G.K. Pilago). The obtained autumn oat yields are of between 5226 kg/ha (Lovrin 27) and 5651 kg/ha (Mirabell) as compared to the reference spring variety yield, Jeremy, which was of 3960. In the researched area the content of protein varied between 13,0% (Mirabell) and 14,1% Lowi) and the content of fat varied between 2,7% (G.K. Pilago) and 3,3%  Lowi.
Key words: yields, autumn oat , quality.
Presentation: oral