Abstract: Spelt has shown good potential in variety of end-uses depending on genotype, variety and processing conditions. Consumer´s quality perception of bread is mainly determined by sensory and health attributes. Bread quality is affected by both flour properties and baking process used. The use of spelt in bread production is possible: bread with addition of spelt flour is characteristic by strong bread smell, excellent taste and it stays longer fresh and soft. Because the consumers interest in health and their knowledge of relationship between diet and well-being has raised, wheat spelt is gaining interest and popularity. In the framework of our research during the years 2008 – 2009 we analyzed selected indicators for baking quality of four cultivars of Triticum spelta L. – Altgold, Ostro, Rubiota and Franckenkorn grown in an ecological system at the locality of Dolna Malanta near Nitra. The bread loaves were prepared from fractions I and II achieved by the Brabender Quadrumat senior laboratory mill. The baked loaves were evaluated by means of following criteria: bread weight (g), bread volume (cm 3 ), specific volume (cm 3 .100g -1 of flour), cambering (height/width ratio), bulk productivity (cm 3 .100g -1 of loaf), baking extraction (%) and baking loss (%). Our research proved that all selected indicators were significantly influenced by the year of growing. The normal air temperatures and sufficient precipitation of 2008 reflected into the best dough properties of spelt wheat and baking quality when compared with 2009. Based on the direct indicators we consider the variety Rubiota as the most suitable and the best quality from the baking point of view. The baking products from Rubiota was evaluated as having an excellent volume, specific volume, bread weight with a very good cambering and bulk productivity as well. Unexpectedly bad results have been found in Altgold, which showed the lowest bread volume, specific volume and height/width ratio. The spelt grain can be a good source for making bread flour, but it closely depends on choice of spelt variety.
spelt, direct baking quality indicators, bread
Presentation: oral