Cristina Simona TELESCU, Gh. DAVID None
Studies regarding the flora of the above mentioned area have been performed even from 1858  by I. Heuffel şi L. Schrott, 1968 and later on by  Carmen Dăneţ, 2008 şi Mirela Enea, 2011. The result of such studies  reveal that a number of 1086 superior plants species, belonging to a number of 98 botanical families, out of which various are medicinal herbs, have been used in modern phytotherapy. Currently, aromatic and medicinal herbs have not been used as raw material, such herbs have been used as medicinal herbs by 60% of the planet inhabitants. A percentage between 30 – 50% from the  most current pharmaceutical products have a content of vegetal origin substances, while another category of synthesis medicine widely used nowadays have been inspired from the chemical composition of some active priniciples existing in nature. Their geographical position, the area studied presents a great variety of ecological conditions, determined in the great variability of all factors leading to the creation of the environment where plants grow. Following the study performed in this area, there have been identified a no of 63 species used in phytotherapy, out of which, 10 species have been used to treat various nervous system disorders, 13 species have been used to treat digestive diseases while 8 species have been used to treat urinary apparatus diseases. Medicinal and aromatic plants are a precious treasure to humankind and they were brought to our attention by new research.  Nature has given us these plants so that we could prevent and cure diseases. Many of today's medicines contain substances extracted from medicinal and aromatic plants that can be found both in spontaneous flora and in smaller cultivated areas. Thus medicinal and aromatic plants as well as their raw extracts have manifested scientific and practical interest since ancient times up to our modern world. In Romania medicinal and aromatic plants are a rich source of natural wealth with a lot of economic potential which is not being exploited enough at the moment.
medicinal herbs, identified, used.
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