Calin ICLODEAN, Nicolae BURNETE None
This paper presents scientific studies about optimization models for analysis of processes occurring during simulated operation on single cylinder compression ignition engine. The rate of heat released ROHR was obtained experimentally, and by simulation. For validation of the parameters that influence the shape of the combustion heat, released rate has been optimized by designing and running a set of experiments followed to obtain a range of information about minimum and maximum values ​​of response parameters, where the best have been selected results to obtain the objectives. The optimization process was intended improve the results of simulations by minimizing the distances between the values obtained from model simulations and experimental measurements on the laboratory engine. Working method systematically changing the model parameter values ​​simulated by optimization algorithm selected and the settings specified by this parameter. In our case, the optimization process intended to improve the results of simulations by minimizing the distances between the values obtained from simulations on a theoretical model and experimental measurements of the compression ignition engine laboratory. Optimization method used in our case is Genetic Algorithm and is a global search method in the model based on the analogy of natural biological evolution. A population of solutions is improved by creating the descent from these by applying the survival principle of the solution most adapted to the model. After optimizing, the coefficients of injection cycles have been repeated all the simulations, and results were analyzed using Impress Chart post processing program, which by graphical analysis tools output data obtained allows comparison of simulation results with laboratory measurements and validation results for the rate of heat released. Reduced costs and facilities optimization model offers several advantages in obtaining accurate results from simulations, which relies on accurate data and parameters originally introduced in the simulation program. Using computer simulations to validate the experimental measurements we are sure to obtain accurate results in research work.
simulation, optimization, experiment, rate of heat released, AVL Boost, Design Explorer
Presentation: oral