Marius COMAN, Alexandru MOISUC None
This work inset to highlight the important role particularly in the context of grasslands is the population explosion actual. In today, world population reached about 7 billion people and the feeding problem has become increasingly problematic. This paper is intended to be a focus of recent research conducted by Romanian and foreign researchers who emphasize the importance of organic fertilization on production recorded on permanent grassland and improve their floristic composition . Work is a meticulous analysis of the results obtained by researchers from around the world on different types of permanent grassland in different conditions of temperature and precipitation. Research carried out shows that it has special role in increasing production of organic fertilizers permanent grassland . The substantial amounts of manure of manure applied on grassland may influence the species composition .The organic inputs are associated with the importation of seeds with poor ecological and forager value Rumex sp and the smothering of the sward by manure. Also, the effect of sward covering by manure is similar with the scene created by litter accumulation (Plantureux et al., 2005). After Djukic et al., (2008) the manure applied on grassland determinates changes in the floristic composition involving a higher percentage of legumes in comparison with other species and grasses. The floristic composition studies need long time researches, as in the case of biodiversity, to provide sustainable results (Djukic et al., 2008). In a permanent grassland agro-ecosystem the floristic composition varied depending on substances flow, soil nutrients availability and climatic conditions (Moisuc et all 2001). Application of organic fertilizers in a rational way contributes to changes in permanent pasture floristic composition, in the sense of increasing the valuable plants participation in economic terms.
meadow, grassland, floristic composition, fertilization
Presentation: oral