Loredana COPACEAN, Madalina IORDACHE, Iacob BORZA None
The quality of groundwater from medium depth fountains and drillings advances a particular importance for drinking water to inhabitants of rural areas in the middle basin of the Bega River, condidering that only some of the towns have centralized supply network, most of the localities being small. Even in localities with centralized supply, wells are still used in various domestic purposes. To characterize the groundwater quality in terms of quality were established 13 sampling points of water from wells (underground water) and medium depth drillings with an uniform distribution on the surface of the studied area, were taken into account 10 parameters to assess the state of water quality (pH, electro-conductibility, O 2 , CCO Cr , NO 3 , NO 2 , NH 4 , PO 4 , K and phenols). The determinations made into area and into laboratory highlight a clear distinction between the quality of water from wells and drillings. The values of pH, electrical conductivity and oxygen regime indicators for all collected samples (OD and CCO Cr ) are within the limits imposed by legislation (Law 458/2002 and Law 311/2004 amending and supplementing the drinking water quality). In the case of some fountains (especially those from Remetea Luncă, Nemeşeşti and Curtea), parameters such as nitrates, ammonium and phosphates, have values ​​that exceed the LMA (maximal allowed limit). To the same samples were identified large amounts of potassium, an element that enters the water from washing soils that have applied large amounts of chemical fertilizer. The presence of these substances is due to agricultural activities (use of chemical fertilizers, livestock waste), household activities, etc. In the case of the medium depth drillings was not reported exceeding of LMA, the values of the analyzed indicator ​​fall within normal limits. Water quality in drillings of medium depth is higher than in underground water, therefore, the quantities of pollutants in water decrease with depth increasing.
ground-water, pollution, quality
Presentation: oral