Alina GOGAN, Ioana GROZEA None
A new invasive species (Metcalfa pruinosa Say) was signalled in the western part of Romania one year ago. Immediately, specialists in this part of the country began to focus their research on it; more precisely, they have conducted various studies of monitoring and identification of host plants for this invasive species. The range of attacked plants seems to get larger and larger every year. In 2011, the species was observed in vines and orchards. Up to now, Metcalfa pruinosa has been considered an invasive species in Romania, present on various ornamental plants in parks, urban green spaces and on vine. In other European countries, it has also been identified on Prunus persica, Prunus armeniaca, Prunus domestica, Prunus avium, Vitis vinifera. Between June and October 2011, during the observations made for our PhD studies, we ran some monitoring activities in order to detect the presence of Metcalfa pruinosa in the vineyard and in the orchard at Timi┼čoara Didactic Station. The purpose of the readings and observations was to identify the species in vineyards and orchards and to emphasize the population dynamics in the period from June to September. In order to determine the hibernating material, we made observations directly on the bark of trees and vine from October 1st to October 31st. In the orchard, we recorded data referring to the number of insects present on the following tree species: Prunus armeniaca, Prunus persica, Persica vulgaris, Malus domestica and Prunus domestica. The organs Metcalfa prefers are leaves, shoots, fruits and respectively grape clusters. Observing the evolution of the species from June to September, we noticed that the first individuals appeared in the middle of June, the maximum number was recorded in mid-August and then the numbers decreased gradually towards the end of September. In October, we observed hibernating eggs in the bark of the plants under study. The data present quite a low number of Metcalfa pruinosa individuals in the plantation under study; this happens primarily because of the moment of initial installation of the species in this plantation. Careful monitoring of this species is a priority for all specialists in Romania and especially for the ones in the west of the country, as Metcalfa pruinosa Say is an invasive insect.
Metcalfa pruinosa, insect, invasive species, vines, fruit trees, western part of Romania
Presentation: oral