Cornelia (GRECU) VĂDUVA, Andreea FÂC, Florian BORLEA None
The periurban area of the city includes the forest ecosystem, represented by Padurea Verde, agroecosistem and ecotone areas. Agroecosystems are represented by agricultural crops (in the north, adjacent thoroughfares to  Calea Aradului si Calea Torontalului and in the south Calea Sagului area), pastures (Freidorf area in the western side and in the  south eastern the area of Calea Girocului -Calea Buziasului – Calea Mosnitei , aiming at a mixed grassland ecosystem, agricultural crops and residential areas). This paper aims to show a picture of the avifauna of pastures modified by humans, share the adaptability of species of birds in such habitats. These lists may contribute to the composition of similar databases as the  Common Bird Monitoring Program of the Romanian Ornithological Society, very important data for nature conservation throughout the country and at international level; through this kind of research is attempted the composition of data bases on the conservation status of bird populations and to find strategies to limit negative effects on society due to their development. The investigation method applied is based on the path method (Ferry and Frochot, 1958), improved  through a statistical method processed by specialists from the Zoology Department of the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Geography of the Western University from Timisoara. The method emphasizes both aspects of abundance and species coverage of energy and the importance of species in ecosystem. From observations there are present 28 bird species, characteristic for this season and type of ecosystem and therparticularity. The species that hold higher degrees are: Corvus frugilegus, Columba livia domestica, Pica pica, and Larus ridibundus for Freidorf area, due to the proximity to the Bega Canal. They are described in various specialized works as generally useful agricultural species through biological control that is unintentionally practiced by the act of feeding and they are mentioned in various literatures as well adapted to city life and extremely inventive when environmental conditions change (Catuneanu, 1952).
pastures, birds, dominance, Timisoara
Presentation: oral