For the purpose of creating the strategic document "Master Plan for Sustainable Development of Fruška gora 2012-2022." it was analyzed all the components of sustainable development of Fruška gora. These components include the following areas: protection and enhancement of environmental values and natural resources, protection of cultural and historical heritage, protection and presentation of geological heritage, forestry, hunting, fishing and beekeeping , tourism, infrastructure, water management, water courses and utility infrastructure, agriculture; information system, branding of products and areas, demographic growth, and renewable energy resources. The central part of the mountain is incorporated in the National Park, which is surrounded by villages and agricultural land with extensive use. In a broader scope there are larger settlements, as well as areas that are intensively used. Agriculture is the traditional economic activity in this area. The need for introducing a new model of management for this area is caused by the fact that the development of Fruška gora in the previous period was marked by negative tendencies due to disregard the specific needs of municipalities within this region . Bearing in mind the specific requirements of a municipalities within the Fruška gora, a new model of management in this region was made on the model of developed countries of the European Union, taking into account their experiences in terms of integrating environmental protection with other sectoral policies. In order to protect national park and sustainable development around the area, some analysis were made such as analysis of existing conditions and inter-sectoral harmonization of interests of all interested users. In accordance to the present situation, this document gives a comprehensive solution for the whole area, considering all activities that are performed on it. This paper emphasizes the aspect of interdependence of sustainable development and development of agriculture in this area. The principle of sustainability of Fruška gora was based on a synthesis of socio-economic, environmental and cultural aspects of development, and which complies with the conditions, limitations and capacities of the environment, ensuring future generations of improved conditions for survival and development. Multifunctional agriculture will have a key role in the future development of agriculture in this region. Development of multifunctional agriculture in Fruška gora should be based on the principles of sustainable development, which provides: production of quality food, rural development, adequate standard of living, protection of biological and geological diversity and environmental protection in its entirety.
Fruška gora, agriculture, sustainable development
Presentation: oral