Andreea Bianca Lupu, Florin Catalin Ionescu, Iacob Borza None
The changes in Earth’s global climate show a trend of increasing average air temperature and causing drastic changes in hydrologic cycle as a result of the progressive greenhouse effect. As a result the vegetation period is expected to become shorter and even more irregular distribution of precipitation will occur, both from year to year and during the vegetation period. Essentially, the periods of semi-drought conditions are going to become more frequent. Whateve the reasons for drought appearance, the fact remains that it causes serious problems. Drought itself as aperiodic phenomenon does not result in permanent or irreversible changes of the environment. Even in prolonged drought periods, flora and fauna gradually creep back (if left alone), when the conditions improve. It is in combination with other factors, especially human activities, that drought leads to permanent changes. Drought can affect all aspects of our lives and economies. It reduces not only the primary production of crops, good quality grass and fodder that is essential to maintain animal production, but also jeopardizes the constant supply of good quality water. Drought also leads to degradation of the environment - one of the most dangerous and harmful effects of drought is exerted on the natural resources (water, soil, air), habitats and ecosystems, besides it has impact on public health, on employment/unemployment, etc. All these losses have considerable financial consequences for the economies of all the countries affected. Its impacts on society result from the interplay between a natural event (less precipitation than expected resulting from natural climatic variability) and the demand people place on water supply. Drought should not be viewed as merely a physical phenomenon or a natural event and thus drought is the first stage in a process, if this process is left unattended, it may lead to an irreversible chain of reactions.
climate change; drought; desertification; soil erosion
Presentation: oral