Roxana ZEPA (BEJAN), D. PETANEC, Lavinia MICU, Cristina CORADINI, Cristina CORADINI None
Knowing for the first time Colorado beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae), as being a dangerous pest of potatoes cultures by Edgerton, (1861) it had an profoundeffect on the employees engaged in investigation and agricultural production (farmers). That insectcontributed to the first time in usage of the insecticides on agricultural culture, that meant it stimulated aeasily and successfully usage of the applications on a large scale also to the others cultures.Over 80years the Colorado beetle was controlled with success by the insecticides, influencing agriculturalgenerations to depend by that unilateral approach to manage that pest; but it existed some additionalproblems associated with the consequences of the insecticides usage on a large scale to control theColorado beetle: the development to insecticides resistance, the cultures lost caused by an inappropriatepulverization, the costs of environment contamination, the costs of investigation to maintain efficientprograms of controlling the beetle. Thus, the control with biological products was famous in the lastyears. In Romania relatively realized a few investigations about controlling the Colorado beetle with bioproducts. Taken in view all those quotes the present work proposed to test some insecticides and some bioproduct in controlling that pest from the potatoes cultures.The immediately practical usage of theinvestigation results sustained the proposed work. To realize the treatments with chemical and biologicalproducts in the year 2012, the experimental field was placed in Didactical Base of Timisoara USAB.Inour investigations was tested the efficiency of some biological methods of control comparative with theone chemical. The experimental field was formed from 3 repetitions, every repetition with 4 variants. Itwere used the following products: V1- untreated species, V2- Calypso 480 SC, V3- Faster 10 CE, V4-extract of chilli.The chemical products tested had a good efficiency in controlling the beetle populationsfrom the potato culture. Analyzing the results it could observe that the best efficiency in controlling theColorado beetle had Calypso product 480 SC with a efficiency over 90%, followed by Faster 10 CE witha efficiency over 80%.The biologic insecticide used (the extract of chilli) had a lower efficiency (a littleover 40%) in controlling the beetle.To conclude, the chemical products tested had a higher efficiencythan the biological ones, and thus the contributions proposed regarding the biological insecticides usageto be used in practice would be completed and further improved.
Leptinotarsa decemlineata, biological controlling, chemical controlling
Presentation: oral