Aurelia Purda, A Ţărău, D. Dicu, L.Niţă None
Research goal is to accumulate scientific data on development of components of agricultural land productivity, necessary to support of an methodology of their quality evaluation through a complex firm approach to physical and geographical conditions from Banat Plain. Research on the main physical and chemical characteristics of soil have been taken by many scientists, in the country and abroad, since the beginning of last century and the German classification system was designed mainly based on soil texture in the so-called phase of its evolution. The objectives and activities fall within the current agricultural research and agricultural practice, on international and national level, for the study of the importance of hydro-physical characteristics of the edaphic coating in substantiation of tillage systems. Researches are in the line of grounding of a system of sustainable agriculture and the main objective of proposing highlighting quantitative and qualitative changes that occur in the agricultural ecosystem in application to wheat and corn, in this paper are presented the influence of fertilizers (NPK and MgO) on maize, in the climatic conditions of the 2012-2013 agricultural year. The experiences are placed on a Luvisol stagnic albic medium clay / clay loam, in the experimental field of OSPA Timisoara field, representative for of Făget Depression. The physical and chemical properties of soil samples (texture, pH, content of humus and N,P,K), were analyzed in USAMVB-OSPA Timisoara Research Laboratory, after national norms and standards approved by the Standards Association from Romania (ASRO). The research of the ecopedologic conditions was made according to “The methodology of elaborating of pedological studies”, vol. I, II and III elaborated by the ICPA Bucharest in 1987, completed with specific elements from the Romanian System of Taxonomy of Soils (SRSTS-2012). Importance, originality and timeliness of work is the need to protect the edaphic layer and environmental protection by: The accumulation of scientific data necessary to support technologies of consevative tillages and sustainable management of soil and water resources, Implementation of conservative tillages and sustainable management of physical, geographical and edaphic conditions from Banat Plain.
component, soil, moisture, productivity, luvisoil
Presentation: oral