Anca LOGHIN*, Alin ACHIM*, Adina BERBECEA* None
Groundwater represented all the time is of vital importance .Groundwater is an important source of drinking water. Most of the population uses groundwater supply and agricultural purposes. The first wells for drinking water were excavated in Egypt and ancient China. Marcus Vitruvius is the first who observed that a source of groundwater is infiltrating rainwater or melted snow; He is basically the precursor infiltration theory. The first hydrogeological work in Romania is that of Pop V, which refers to the Transilvanian mineral waters. Unfortunately, many of the Romanian wells are already polluted with nitrates and other industrial and agricultural chemicals. Later, Drăghiceanu and Cucu-Starolescu have addressed the issue of groundwater in the area of Bucharest. In this paper we present the results of groundwater chemical analysis, from Carnecea, Caras Severin in order to establish the pollution degree. The main source of pollution in this area , is represented by agricultural and human activities. Analyses of parameters of water quality were made according to standardized methods. The parameters analyzed were pH, concentration of nitrates (NO3-), ammonia (NH4+), nitrites (NO2-), phosphates (PO43-) and chemical oxygen demand (COD. The analyses were performed in the laboratory of Environmental Chemistry of the Faculty of Agriculture, BUASVM King Michael I, Timisoara. pH was determinate by conductometric method; The content of nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and phosphates, was determined by UV-VIS spectrophotometric method, at λ = 520 nm, 410nm, 425 nm, respectively, 715nm.; chemical oxygen demand was determined by volumetric method. The result of the tests led to the conclusions that high concentrations of pollutants where determinate , in particular during months with low temperatures. Thus, groundwater analyzed exceeds the maximum permissible levels for drinking water.
groundwater, pollution, nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, phosphates, oxidable substances.
Presentation: oral