Evodia BUBOI IGNAT, Gheorghe DAVID None
For the study performed by us Sandra seeds have been used, type of seeds cultivated in our country since 1987, in all areas favorable to this species. Among other morphologic characteristics, we have studied the influence of the mass of one thousand seeds over the energy and the germination capacity and also over the breakthrough capacity. The variants taken into account have been the seed having thousand seeds mass under 6 grams and those over 7 grams. Seed from the harvest of 2012 and also 3- years old and 6-years old seeds have been used in the study. Determinations regarding the germination energy and capacity have been performed using Polikeit – Halle germinator, at 25 0 – 28 0 C, repeated four times, and for the determination of the breakthrough power we have used ceramic recipients of 10 cm diameter and 15 cm height. Sand has been used as germination bed, humidified at 60-70% of the maximum water capacity. Determination of the germination energy has been performed after 7 days, determination of the germination capacity after 14 days, and of the breakthrough power after 16 days. The results of the determinations regarding the germination energy have revealed average values ranging from 56.7% at the 6-years old materials to 71.7% in the case of the 2012 harvest material. The germination capacity has ranged between 85.2% at the witness variant (seeding material form 2012) to 77.4% at the 3-years old material and to 67.4% at the 6-years old material.The breakthrough power has been assessed after 16 days and, depending on the age of the seed, the values ranged from 69.6% for the witness material to 62.3% for the 3-years old seeds and only 51.8% to the 6-years old material. The thousand seeds mass has influenced the analyzed physiological characteristics, the values being higher for the seeds having thousand seeds mass over 7 grams, compared to the values for seeds having this feature under 6 grams. The results of the study have revealed that the seeding material obtained in 2012 is 1 st class, and the 3-years and the 6-years old lots are included in the 2 nd class. In conclusion for the Sandra type, only seed from the latest harvest shall be used.
Coriandrum sativum, seeds’ germination
Presentation: oral