Radu ILEA, Sorin BUNGESCU, Daniel POPA, Ioan CABA None
Maize (Zea mays) is one of the most important crop plants, with multiple uses in human nutrition, animal feed and in the industry. High corn yields can be obtained by the use of high yield hybrids by using optimal technologies of cultivation of maize and of modern technology of mechanized works. With minimum losses for the harvesting grains, their main objectives are the use of modern requirements and adjusted on the optimum harvesting. The experience was located on an area of 5 hectares on land of Cărpiniş, jud. Timiş. They are 19 varieties of hybrid corn cultivated. The combine harvester was John Deere W550 with corn header for 6 rows. For the determination of samples harvested corn hybrids, are used performance apparatus for measuring and monitoring. Most major productions were obtained from drought-resistant varieties.Cereal harvesting is the fulfillment and the end of the agricultural production process as it is the meeting point of all man’s doings, of all spiritual and material efforts, that the society invested in the agricultural process. This paper presents a comparative study concerning the harvesting of corn hybrids.
hybrid, harvest, combines harvesters, corn header, and yield
Presentation: oral