Erika Beilicci, Camelia Ștefănescu, Robert Beilicci None
Linkages between soil erosion and environment quality are manifold. Soil erosion is a major cause of pollution of water, air and soil. Discrepancies between the water need, i.e. its quality, and existing resources have reached an alarming level in many parts of Europe, as a result of climate change and dangerous hydrological phenomena (floods, droughts, pollution). Agricultural development has led to increasing use of fertilizers and pesticides, and an irrational use of these substances degrade water quality in rivers , lakes and thus destroying aquatic organisms due to increased soil erosion by water. Through this phenomenon, chemicals in soil are washed down the surface runoff, and particles which form fertile soil horizons are entrainment by surface runoff and reach surface waters. The interdependence between water quality and sediment should be analyzed taking into account that the sediment is a physical entity and has influence on the physical-chemical / biological characteristics of water, respectively that sediment is a part of the water - sediment - dissolved chemical load. Also, wind erosion of the soil, a phenomenon that follows massive deforestation, contributes to increase the amount of dust in the atmosphere. Bega River Upper Basin includes several torentializate sub-basins that were highlighted erosion. Soil erosion changes in time the configuration of sub-basins and surface water quality by increasing the solid loads (particularly suspended load) and water charging with chemicals washed off the hillslopes. These phenomena results determine difficulties in the water treatment for public water supply, especially for Timisoara, Bega River being the most important source of water for the inhabitants of the municipality. This paper aims to analyze the effects of soil erosion on the environment quality in Upper Bega River hydrographic basin, particularly on water quality of the River Bega. Also, the paper proposed several measures to reduce soil erosion intensity in the area and for resulted solid loads management.
soil erosion, environment quality, water quality, measures
Presentation: oral