Narcisa Georgeta Crista, Iasmina Cecilia Savescu None
In this research paper we elicit some aspects regarding the role of communication in the biology class management. From the point of view of its specificity, the biology class presents the advantage of varied activity organisation within teacher-student, student-teacher, and student-student communication which becomes essential. Any obstacle that occurs in the communication can render the teaching-learning process difficult or even impossible, thus, knowing the rules of a good communication as well as the factors that hinder communication becomes important to the formation of future biology teachers. The research carried out focused on identifying the obstacles that occur in communication during scientific classes as perceived by students majoring in Biology, as well as identifying the context in which they occur and finding solutions to overcome them. In order to conduct this research, we have chosen the methods of interview and questionnaire in order to collect information. We have analysed the students’ opinions regarding the obstacles that contribute to the decline or feeble involvement in the science class activities or debates in a twofold manner: the management of the didactic process and the management of the interpersonal relationships. The information rendered by the students were discussed during the seminar of specialised didactics as they constituted the basis for debates regarding possible solutions and recommendations for improving the communication skills of students to be future teachers. The conclusions drawn from this study confirm the importance of communication skill development of the teacher, the efficiency in communication being identifiable with pedagogic efficiency from the perspective of the influence the teacher may have on the students and on the didactic approach orientation.
Key words: class management, didactic communication, didactic quality process
Presentation: oral