Ilinca M. IMBREA1, Alma L. NICOLIN1 , Carmen SORESCU2, Ciprian CORPADE3, Liviu BUZILĂ3 None
Abstract The Nature Reserve Rudariei Gorges is located South-Western Caras-Severin County in the Almajului Depression. Though it is known more for its Mill Reserve and the value of the landscape, the area conserves plant species and habitats that are specific to the rocks of South Banat. The vegetation of the Rudariei Gorges has a sub-Mediterranean character with numerous thermophilous species and vegetal associations similar to those of Serbia and Bulgaria. The mosaic-like aspect of the vegetation and the nature of the geological substratum have made the habitat mapping in the area difficult; some of them, included in the Standard Form of the ROSCI 0032 Rudariei Gorges cannot be found in the protected area. Thus, of the four protected habitats included in the Standard Form, only two have been reconfirmed in the field. However, we have identified other seven habitats Natura 2000, four of which are rock habitats that are presented in this paper: 40A0* - Subcontinental peri-Pannonic scrub, 6190 - Rupicolous Pannonic grasslands (Stipo-Festucetalia pallentis), 8220 - Siliceous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation, and 8230 - Siliceous rock with pioneer vegetation of the Sedo-Sclerantion or Sedo albi – Veronicion dillenii. Inventorying and mapping vegetal habitats and species consisted of two stages: the field stage and the laboratory stage for the synthesis of collected data. Field studies were carried out during vegetation, starting in March-April, to also capture the early-spring flora. Determining plant species was done based on nationally acknowledged works (CIOCÂRLAN V., 2009; SĂVULESCU T., 1952-1976) that we have checked in the electronic database of the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh ( Identifying the main habitats and species in the reserve with accuracy allows the establishment of proper measures of conservation and monitoring – a compulsory component of the Management Plan. Studies were financed through a project Operational Programmes Environment, Axis 4: “Developing the Management Plan of the Rudariei Gorges protected area” (code SMIS 36427).
rock habitats, Nature Reserve, Rudariei Gorges
Presentation: oral