Liana Mihaela FERICEAN None
This paper presents data referring the morphological characteristics and biometrical measurements of Aphis fabae, species captured from potato carrots, and tomatoes cultivations for a period of three years, from Didactic Station Timisoara and Varfurile, Arad county. The aphids have been collected with the yellow vessel traps on a two days. At Aphis fabae. apterous adult have green-brown or black ovoid body and big marginal tubercles on prothorax and on abdominal segments I and VII; body length varies from 1.8 to 2.4 mm. Alatae aphid are more elongate with head and thorax shiny black; oviparous females with distinctly swollen hind tibiae and abdomen is black-green.The smallest length of the body established for aphids captured in West Zone of Romania was1,40 mm, while the biggest was 2.20 mm. The average body length was 1,83 ± 0,20 mm. Regarding the length of the headnd thorax, it may be noticed that the maximum length of these parts was 0,95 mm and minimum length was 0,50 mm. The average value calculated for the length of these parts was 0,77 ± 012 mm. The minimum width of head was 0.20 mm and the maximum width of head was 0.45 mm. The average value calculated for head width was 0.32 ± 0.05 mm.As far as the thorax width is concerned, this was minimum 0.40 mm and maximum 0,80 mm. Mean thorax width was 0.61 ± 0.02 mm the minimum length of the abdomen was 0,80 mm and minimum width was 0.50 mm, the maximum length of the abdomen was 1.40 mm and the maximum width was 1 mm. The mean length of the abdomen was 1.06 ± 0.12 mm, while the average value calculated for abdomen width was 0,79 ± 0,14 mm. In the existent literature, there is little information referring to biometric measurement and for these reasons, knowing the following aspect is of paramount importance
Aphis fabae, life cycle, biometrical measurements
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