Liana Mihaela FERICEAN, I. BANATEAN – DUNEA, Olga RADA, Mihaela OSTAN None
This paper presents data referring to the biometrical measurement of chub spermatozoa. The biological material under study has been made up by 70 masculs from the species Squalius cephalus, Cyprinidae Family that have been collected from the Nadrag river basin in the year 2013. The collection of samples for investigation has been done through an electric fishing device Tyo FEG 3000. The analyses of the biological material were made with Optika immersion microscope 100X 500X. R. The average of the long shaft head was of 3.51 ± 0.96 μm, and the average of short shaft head 3.01 ± 0.82 μm. The average length tail 28.18 ± 4.77 μm. The average of the total length of the spermatozoa 29.15 ± 5.36 μm. Squalius cephalus reaches sexual maturity at the age of 3-5 years at a length of more than 30 cm. In the existent literature, there is little information referring to theoretical prolificacy of the native fish species and for these reasons, knowing the following aspect is of paramount importance. Determination of fecundity and the development of sexual maturity are fundamental to fishery science. Due to the importance of these parameters in the dynamics of populations they must estimated for species of economic significance. The results of in-season and out-of-season spawning of chub were similar. There were no differences in the percentages of spermiation, as well as spermatozoa motility. In commercial fish farming has been more focused on the quality of eggs and larvae rather than that of sperm, even though the sperm quality of male broodstock also affects the production of healthy larvae. Sperm quality is a very important variable; it can influence the percentage of egg fertilization and thus the total production of viable eggs.
biometrical measurement, crub, spermatozoa, Squalius cephalus
Presentation: oral