Adrian BORCEAN, Mihaela COLCEA, Gheorghe DAVID None
Research aim of this research work was to determine the plantains dominant species from Nera river basin and their diseases. Also it is an attempt to see the spread of those diseases with specification that this is just a stage of research characteristic for partial interpretation of experimental data after the first experimental year, in preparation the doctoral thesis. Materials and methods. Observations were carried out in the summer of 2013. Those observations consist from two separate operations: first operation was to determine the areas with representative populations of Plantago sp., second to determin the species of these populations and third operation was to see if this plants are affected of some pathogens and forth operation was to evaluate the attack parameters of each pathogen. The novelty is relatively high, work providing important data for agricultural practice in the experimental area, taking in consideration the implications this are plants used for a relatively large scale for some pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. From this point of view we appreciate that the plants from wild flora are considered to be sources for diseases resistance genes in the plant breeding process Achievements stage in this field. In this work were carried out research concerning the possible reactions of the pathogens depending on local biocoenosis factors. Limits of the research are that data from the research are just from one year readings. Practical implications of the research consisted of playing a part of a complex study of the diseases of medicinal plants from wild flora on the Nera river basin. The originality of the work comes from the fact that data are relevant in view of mapping of the diseases of medicinal plants from wild flora which are considered to be genetic resources for breeding process. Importance of the paper became from bringing in front of the specialists a new topic concerning new and data, from observations of pathogens behavior in relation with plantains plants from wild flora.
Plantago sp., wild flora, Podosphaera plantaginis
Presentation: oral