Olga-Alina RADA1, Adelina PROTEASA2, Mihaela OSTAN1 None
Abstract: Continuous stress conditions on animal farms and the decreasing efficacy of antibiotics emphasise the necessity of finding new solutions for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Chronobiology can be an alternative solution given the fact that living organisms have a non-specific and specific temporal and functional defence structure that varies in a circadian and seasonal way. The authors assessed the circadian variations of hemoleucogram in dogs in this prophylaxis and therapeutic context. Experiments were made on eight common breed dogs that were sampled blood to produce haematologic parameters, the blood samples were analysed using an automatic haematologic analyser ADVIA 2120 Autoslide. Discrete and mean values in the studied parameters were compared to literature reference values and data were processed statistically using the non-parametric test Mann-Whitney U. Results pointed out the fact that haematologic parameters measured at three different times in the nychtemeron ranged within physiological limits for this species. Haemoglobin content was statistically significantly higher in the morning than in the evening (p<0.05) and higher at noon than in the evening (p<0.05). The mean erythrocyte volume was statistically significantly higher at noon than in the morning (p<0.05) and the mean haemoglobin concentration was statistically significantly higher in the morning than at noon (p<0.001) or in the evening (p<0.001). The mean number of thrombocytes and leukocytes was within physiological limits without statistically significant variations in the nychtemeron. The share of neutrophils, lymphocytes and eosinophils did not vary significantly statistically. The share of basophile granulocytes was within physiological variation limits; in the nychtemeron, the values were significantly higher in the morning than at noon or in the evening (p<0.05).
Key words: chronobiology, biorhythm, haematologic parameters, dogs, therapy
Presentation: oral