Štefan TÝR – Dávid VAVRÍK None
Chemical weed control of sunflower crops is currently the main method of controlling weeds in the crop. The goal was to focus on the problems of this method of treatment stands. In the first part focuses on the general characteristics of herbicides description of the mode of action, their distribution, extent and characteristics of sunflower. Farms weeds cause the greatest share of the losses to crops 32%, animal pests and pathogens are less important because they represent 18 and 15% losses to crops. Companies engaged in the manufacture and sale of chemicals used to control weeds constantly looking for new technologies that improve the current herbicides. Second part contains the results of experiments on a given team in sunflower crop. The results presented in the thesis shows that the PD Mojmírovce to control the weeds growing sunflower („Clearfield“) used at the time of our observations herbicides Wing® P, Afalon 45 CS®, Proponit® 720 EC and Pulsar 40®. Weed infestation was moderate to severe (12 to 25 weeds per m2). Between 2012 and 2013 years, was the most effective use of herbicides in weed control for observed variations early post-emergence herbicide Pulsar 40®. From the pre-emergence herbicides was found to be the most effective formulation Wing P®. How financially most demand application of the product was found Pulsar 40®. According to the data collected, however, this price is the effect of the herbicide. The most important weed species occurring in crops of sunflower on PD Mojmírovce include: Agropyron repens, Iva xanthiifolia, Echinochloa crus-galli, Chenopodium album, Chenopodium hybridum, Amaranthus spp., Abutilon theofrasti, Datura stramonium, Convolvulus arvensis, Panicum miliaceum, Cirsium arvense, Fallopia convolvulus, Persicaria spp. and Polygonum spp.. While it seems that these methods is a possible solution to this need not be. The weeds are gradually creating resistance to herbicides used in such systems, and it is possible that once because such interference with the natural ecosystem inadvertently create "super-weed", you cannot destroy the available herbicides. Despite such a trend control weeds in sunflower, classical chemical weed control has and will have in the current agriculture an important place.
herbicides, weed control, sunflower, weeds
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