Abstract: The straweberry represents the spiece with a big economical and alimentary attention, with a big production which is adapted to a large climate variety because of its large created spiecies. the strawberry culture was made in the spring of 2009, like classical, multianual culture in free plain the sort red gaunttlet, with ripening at the ending of may, this sort has a good resistance to the whitening spot of the leaves, at grey rot. the biofertilizations used Bionat plus and Bionex were applicated to two treatements with recomandated pesticides, in the two treatements: the first was the full infusion, and the second was to the showing inflorescence. the results reduced the attack frequency on the leaves with white spots (Mycosplaerella fragariac) in the first variant where were applicated biofertilizations Bionat plus and Bionex. the superior effectiveness was get in the first variant treated with Bionax plus, concentration 0,2% and Bionex, concentrated 0,2% towards the second variant treated with Bionex 0,2%. the treatements were applicated two times using the pesticides dithane, concentrated 0,2%in second variant to each treatement (t1, t2) where were good results by reducing the attack frequency caused by grey rot and flouring. from the production results we can see the best results came from strawberry in variant i were was applicated Bionat plus and the second treatement Bionex made a production of 7200kg/ha.
Keywords: strawbery, treatment, pesticides, effectiveness
Presentation: poster