Olga-Alina RADA, Mihaela OSTAN, Mihaela Liana FERICEAN, Iuliana CREŢESCU None
ABSTRACT The effect of growth promoters used in animal feed on their growing performances is very variable, being more visible the more deficient the growing conditions are. Associating prebiotics with probiotics has generated a new growth promoter class – synbiotics – a category which the Biomin IMBO products belong to. It was tested in the broiler chicken feed regarding the growing performance, the intestinal flora and biochemical blood parameter. The experiment was carried out in two broiler chicken experimental lots, Rosso 503 hybrids, with 10 chicken per lot, between the ages of one day and 28 days. The combined chicken feed from the experimental lot was supplemented with 0.15 % Biomin IMBO. The growth parameters (body mass, daily average growth rate, daily average usage and specific usage) were monitored. A faeces microbiological exam was carried out in order to determine the type of intestinal flora and a biochemical exam, to determine the serum cholesterol and the high density lipoproteins (HDL). The usage of the Biomin IMBO synbiotic at a 0.15 % rate determined, at the age of 21 days, in the experimental lot, a daily average growing rate increase of 84.23 %, a daily average usage rate increase of 53.35 % and a specific usage decrease (Kg NC/Kg growing rate) with 40.33 %, as compared to the control lot. The microbiological faeces exam at 21 days of life showed a 75.34 % NTG decrease and the coliform germ number and E. coli 77.27 % decrease while the control lot registered a 13.55 % NTG decrease, a 21.43 % coliform germ decrease, and a 40.91 % E. coli decrease thus proving the beneficial effect of the product on intestinal flora structure, facilitating the development of beneficial intestinal flora, a fact reflected in the growth performance. The Biomin IMBO supplement (0.15 %) of the broiler chicken feed until the age of 21 days determined a total cholesterol decrease of 34.15 % and a 25.67 % high density lipoproteins (HDL).
growth promoters, synbiotic, broiler chicken, growth parameters, intestinal flora, cholesterol
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