Nichita Cristian1, Hauer Elza1, Mircov Vlad2 None
Abstract.The phenomenon of drought currently affects large areas all over the world. In 1992, E. Bryant, following a multi-criteria hierarchy, considers the drought as the most important risk phenomenon affecting the planet. Many scientific studies and research have as main issue this phenomenon in different regions of the world (Assessment of the Regional Impact of Droughts in Europe, 2001, Sectoral Impacts of Drought and Climate Change, 2008, Evaluation of Arizona Drought Watch: The State's Drought Impacts Reporting System, 2009, State Drought Planning in the Western U.S.A. Multi-RISA-Agency-NIDIS Collaboration, 2010). The specialists say droughts and phenomena (aridity and desertification) generated by them are based, in addition to changes in the general circulation of the atmosphere caused by increased greenhouse effect and anthropogenic causes, due to wasteful use, deforestation and changes in landscape, with negative effects on the water balance. Destructive impact of droughts and growing area of their production, comprising one quarter of the total land surface of the Earth, make the phenomenon to be considered, after pollution, the environmental risk with the largest amplitude and stability. Studies and reports elaborated by specialized international institutions and also from Romania proved that some regions of our country are affected by drought, that, on extended periods, lead to aridisation processes lack of vegetation, and in some areas, even to desertification but not Sahara type (DRAGOTĂ, 2006).
analyse, drought, west of Romania
Presentation: oral